Su-Kam 2.5 KVA Fusion i Sinewave UPS

Su-Kam 2.5 KVA Fusion i Sinewave UPS

MRP : ₹23990

Sale Price : ₹12200 ( 49% OFF )

Su-Kam Fusion-i 2.5 KVA Commercial UPS is Equipped to provide 100% pure sinewave power to every Commercial / Residential Usage . The exceeding low changeover time of less than 8 msecs eliminates rebooting of running appliances like PC’s , modems,setup boxes etc ensuring constant connectivity .

Su-Kam Fusion-i 2.5 KVA Commercial UPS is the World’s most advanced UPS that works on DSP Sinewave Technology. It has output short circuit protection too.

Can Be used for 4-5 Computers + Lighting in Offices or 10 Lights + 5 Fans + 2 TV’s in Residences.


What’s Included in the Package :

2.5 KVA Fusion Sinewave UPS – 1 No

( Batteries not a part of the Package, need 3 nos of batteries to run )

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Product Details

Automatic bypass

LED Display Panel

Instant Switch over

Inbuilt Protection

Can be used for Lights Fans , Computers , refrigerator , Dentist chairs Etc






2000-6000VA (2-6KVA)


36V-3 Battery System


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