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MICROTEK HB950 with Luminous 120 AH Combo

MRP : ₹19000

Sale Price : ₹14500 ( 24% OFF )

Microtek HB 950 is India’s Largest Selling 950VA Sine wave Home ups system. Its ideal for a 2-3 Bedroom House for usage of 4 lights + 3 Fans + 1 TV along with mobile & laptop Chargers

Clubbed along with the Hot selling 120AH Tubular Battery from Luminous , the Red charge 15000 . Red charge Series is a very low maintenance battery with more durability and peace of mind. it gives you a back up of 2 -8 hours depending on the usage .

What’s Included in the Package :

Microtek HB 950 Sinewave UPS                   – 1 No.

Luminous Tubular  Battery of 120AH           – 1 No

Plastic Trolley with Wheels                           – 1 No.

Installation with Wiring up-to 06 Feet


02 Years on UPS & 03  Years on Battery. ( 18 Months Replacement  + 18 Months Prorata )

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Product Details

Design & Technology

This Microtek HB950 inverter is powered by an intelligent micro-controller based control design with Digital Signal Controller (DSC) hybrid design. This ensures minimum loss of energy while converting from DC to AC. Also, it increases the efficiency of the inverter, thereby saving on energy and cutting down on your electricity bill. The pure and stable sine wave output, with very low THD provides unlimited supply of power, and gives prolonged backup during power cuts.

Control Buttons

The Microtek HB950 inverter has one power button below the display panel, which will help you in switching the appliance on and off. An additional, in-built bypass switch is provided that enables you to isolate this UPS from the mains, when needed. Another slide switch enables selecting float charging voltage.

Visual Indicators

It is not always possible to keep an eye on the inverter to check on the status of the appliance. Therefore, this hybrid inverter has six indicators on the LED display that signal about status and faults, if any. The LED continuously blinks when the system is charged, and also, there are indicators for low battery, blown fuse, mains on and overload.

Battery Charging & Management

The battery of this Microtek HB950 inverter can be charged quickly and efficiently. It is equipped with IBGM Technology that enhances both the life and performance of the battery by maintaining correct battery gravity. Additionally, it is equipped with the PWM controlled multi-stage Auto Trickle Mode (ATM) charging. The inverter also comes with quick charging option.


This Microtek inverter provides complete and constant protection to your appliances in case of any overload or short circuit, thereby protecting expensive and sensitive equipment from damage. When there is switching over between the mains power and the battery, it always keeps the voltage within safe range. It senses over-load with the help of the Smart Overload Sense and automatically resets the inverter. It also detects short circuit and protects appliances by shutting down the system automatically.

Power Input & Output

The inverter has a maximum capacity of 950 VA. When on mains mode, the inverter has an output voltage that is same as input. However, while on UPS mode, its output voltage is rated at 210 V +/- 10 per cent. The output frequency for this inverter is rated at 50 Hz +/- 0.1 Hz on UPS mode.



Luminous Red Charge is India’s Highest Selling Tubular battery . It is very durable and long lasting.

Backup time*
Duration1 hrs 35 mint2 hrs 10 mint3 hrs 10 mint5 hrs 20 mint13 hrs


Technical details
Dry WeightFilled WeightOverall Dimensions of Containers (mm)Boost ChargingTrickle Mode Charging
±5%Kg.±5%Kg.Length (+/-3) mmWidth (+/-3) mmHeight (+/-3) mmStarting rate (Amp)Finishing rate (Amp)Min.  (mA)Max (mA)



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