Solar powered inverters offer a huge cut in your power bills

UPS inverter with free installation has emerged as the best solution to beat the frustration of many household and companies facing acute problems with the frequent power cuts.

Well, the modern technology offers many ways to help you avoid the frustration of abrupt electricity interruption, which off late has become the common problem for many Indian households and companies too.

While a greater emphasis has been laid on renewable energy, producing energy using renewable sources like solar power etc., the costs of setting up the infrastructure that helps produce and conserve renewable energy is very high. However, an alternative and cheap ways to renewable energy is to buy an inverter online.

Buying an inverter online is the best option as you get to look at a wide range of brands of inverters at one place. You will have an option to compare the features of all these inverters against each other and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Many online stores offers the best brands inverters online with unbeatable prices, free installation, and many such other benefits.

That is not all; you also get personalised advice on how to choose the inverter for your specific needs. The advisors, customer service representatives at these stores offer personalised counselling to help you choose the right inverter for your house or commercial needs.

If you are looking for long-term needs and want to be able to support a few fans, lights, and your computer you had better go for a branded UP inverter such as the Microtek inverter.

Microtek Solar UPS SS 1130 system has become today’s need of every household, not only for power backup but also to conserve energy, which in turn saves your energy bills. Tis powerful, smart inverter help generate and conserve energy by using Solar based UPS. In the days of increased stress on generating renewable energy, your best bet is to buy ups online in Bangalore by choosing Microtek’s SOLAR UPS for all your residential or commercial needs.

Main features of Microtek Solar UPS SS 1130

Microtek Solar UPS SS 1130 is the New Generation Range of Sinewave Solar UPS, which is based on Digital Signal Controller (DSC) technology. The DSC technology is specially designed Sinewave SOLAR UPS Model for backup for computers. Solar Powered Inverters Offer a Huge Cut in your power bills

The Solar UPS is specially integrated with an in-built 30Amp Solar Charge Controller, which helps to convert the solar energy or solar power to electricity.

Microtek Solar UPS SS 1130 has Dual Charging Mode i.e. Mains Mode and Solar Mode, which is best for long power cuts like in rural areas.

While charging the Batteries for back up, Microtek Solar UPS always gives first preference to solar energy and charges using the solar energy first, and the efficiency is 98% delivered while charging. When there is no sun light or solar energy it automatically switches to Main power.

The UPS runs the load from solar power; whenever sun energy is available, it switches to Main power when the Solar power is not available.

The Microtek solar UPS has been specially designed to get maximum benefit from the Sun while charging from solar panel which eventually cut down your electricity consumption as compared from charging from main power.

  • Microtek Solar UPS has high efficiency Transformer that helps in fast charging of the battery and Saves Energy.
  • Solar UPS increases the life of Battery as a Solar PV panel converts sunlight directly into pure direct current (DC).
  • This Solar UPS has bypass switch. This additional bypass switch enables you to isolate your UPS from Solar Energy to Mains Energy whenever needed.
  • We can use up to 500W Solar Panel for SS1130 Model.

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