We stay in a rented House / I have not done any special wiring for Inverters at my home.

Oct 21 2016

Not to worry even if had not planned for a UPS earlier and not made any provision for it. 

Generally in any house, the wiring is divided in to 2 parts – LIGHTING & HEATING CIRCUITS.

And how do you determine this?

You will notice 2 BIG Switches or a Box with MCB’s  near the main door in the Living room which is the point of entry of the power cables into your house ( MCB’s are devices which trip and cut-off power in case of short circuit, etc.) .  We will draw wires from this Switch/MCB Junction, run them behind a clean white casing up to the place where the UPS is kept. This additional wiring will be done by our professional Electrician.

For those of you who are staying in a rented House / Flat and do not want any kind of drilling work, the UPS can be installed using a Moulded Black Wire and can be removed when shifting the house.

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