What is Pro-rata Warranty?

Oct 21 2016

Pro-rata warranty is a kind of partial warranty that is used for non-repairable batteries.
Under Pro-rata warranty, if a product fails before the end of the warranty cycle, the manufacturer replaces it at a cost that depends on the age of the item at the time of complaint. In this type of warranty only a part of the initial cost is covered. However, the replaced product is then covered by an equal new warranty.
If your battery fails in the pro-rata warranty cycle then depending on the value of the battery, you will get discount on the current price of the newly replaced battery. The pro-rata warranty is counted from the date of purchase to the date of complain.
For example if a battery has 24+06 (free of cost + pro-rata) months of warranty, and it fails in the 26 th month, then 75% (as 75% of its duty cycle is over) value of the battery will be deducted from its current price at that point of time. And you will get 25% discount on the MRP of the newly replaced battery.
However most of the batteries we suggest on our website have an average life of 3-4 Years depending on the model .

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