What is the difference between a Sine Wave Inverter and Square Wave Inverter?

Oct 21 2016

The names Square Wave and Sine Wave refer to the shape of the output provided by a Digital UPS / Inverter.

Our normal electrical power will always provide a Sine Wave supply, and therefore it is perfect for all types of electrical appliances. A Sine Wave Digital UPS / Inverter will provide a pure Sine Wave output very much like what we get from our electricity board supply (e.g. BESCOM).

Pure Sine Wave UPS / Inverter reduces audible noise in fans, audio amplifiers, etc.

A Square Wave UPS / Inverter is a series of small Square Waves building up into a big Sine Wave. Some devices may not run smoothly with a Square Wave UPS / Inverter.

Inductive loads like microwave ovens and motors run faster, quieter and cooler with pure sine.

One Pure Sine Wave UPS / Inverter we refer is the Luminous Ecovolt. To buy this product click : Luminous Ecovolt 1650VA


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