How to choose the right inverter & battery?

Choosing a right inverter & batteries for Home or Office purpose is essential when looking to purchase a top brand inverter online, as everyone has his or her own power requirement and it varies from home to home or office.

You need to know the exact power requirement before you buy inverter online. Information such as what all-electrical and electronic equipment like Tube lights, Fans, Television, Computers system, CFL bulbs etc. Knowledge of the power requirementneeded to operate at the time of the power failure helps you chose the right inverter battery online.

The power requirement is the power consumed by various electrical and electronic equipments.

To find your Power Requirement, we go with a simple calculation:

To identify the power requirement, you need to calculate the total electrical and electronic equipment that you need to run without any interruptions, even when the regular power supply is off. For instance, you may need Un- interrupted power supply or UPS for computer, as businesses require continuous operation their computers need to run all the time.

If you are looking to buy UPS for computer in Bangalore, you need to calculate the number of hours your computers, home computer, or business computer, needs power back up so you can look for best deals to buy inverter and battery online.

Finding the best Inverter for your need:

Understanding the functioning, working, and performance of an inverter help buy inverter online for the best price. Inverter’s performance is expressed in terms of (VA) Volt-Ampere rating.VA is the voltage and the current supplied by the inverter to the equipment. The efficiency of the inverter is measured by its ability to supply the power to the electrical equipmentduring power failure. We know that full capacity or 100% efficiency does not exist. Top brand inverters such as Microtek UPS or luminous inverter battery offers the highest efficiency for inverters for your requirements.

Battery is the main components of the inverter. The performance of an inverter depends upon the battery also, which stores the power for our equipment, and gives back at the time of power failure. To get the good back up, we need to install with correct ratings of the battery, and we can call it as battery capacity, whichis measured in Ah (Ampere Hours).

We find the batteries with capacity of 100 Ah, 150 Ah, 180 Ah etc. in the market. To calculate the suitable battery for our inverter, which is Battery capacity, depends upon the power consumption with number of hours divided by battery voltage.

Battery capacity = Power requirement * Back up hours / Battery Voltage

Buy Inverter and Battery Online

With online stores offering many comforts and benefits to consumers, there is an increase in the number of consumers who by inverter online. When you by inverter online you get high quality top brand inverters at the best prices and with free installation, easy payment and easy returns and many such other benefits.

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